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Joni Mitchell fans should listen to Coyote whilst reading this as we are mid way across the bay and heading for Digby, Nova Scotia.  Rain and fog are obsuring the whales and there is currently no land in sight.  We could be riding the high tide as the bay has the largest tidal range in the world, a phenomenon which results in the peculiar sight of rivers reversing and flowing upstream as the 16m tide comes in.  The otherwise undistinguished (and disgustingly smelly thanks to the Irving Refinery) town of Saint John, New Brunswick is notable only for its ‘Reversing Waterfall’.  But we are heading away from New Brunswick and towards Digby Neck.

Metis sur Mer

For a week we have been painting, hauling logs and rocks, arranging contents and racing around the festival site at Metis in a push to have our garden ready for the opening ceremony, so it has been the greatest pleaseure to return to our oceanfront log cabin, looking out onto the St Lawrence estuary each morning and evening.  Again dominated by tides we have been scrambling in the rock pools on bright clear evenings and collecting shells for the ‘clouds’ shed in the garden.  Its also been a trip of lighthouses and the triple blink of the Metis lighthouse has been illuminating out bedroom each night.  Merci Sylvain, for such a delightful place to stay.

The Blue Stick Garden in progress

The Blue Stick Garden in progress

We have been fortunate to be keeping the most illustrious company      – more from the gardens and the other designers anon…the port of Digby has apperared out of the mist.


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