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Monthly Archives: April 2010

For me, more than any activity, gardening highlights the speed at which time disappears.  Having forgotten to write my gardening diary, I am reliant on the dates on last year’s seed packets to remind me of the planting day and possible weather conditions, but there is no accurate record of whether I chose a particularly sunny day, or simply had nothing better to do.  So I resolve to be better with my personal gardening record (and have a shiny red book in which to write) and I also resolve to be better with the blog, and post more peculiarities, especially since Metis looms and I barely entered a post on our particularly peculiar garden there last year.

Perhaps I should also be  more aware of the creeping familiarity of time and the pace at which peculiar features of my garden become commonplace – until someone points out just how odd they are:  The rusty, twisty  metal plant, the black steps, the bright red bean frames, the strange, modern design…

We feel incredibly lucky to have been invited to return for the 11th Festival at Metis, and will be finishing, pimping and preening, and hopefully blogging about the garden ready for the opening on the 26th of June.