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Monthly Archives: March 2011

For some weeks now I have been watching my e-mails withtrepidation, waiting for queries and pictures. Its strange to think that far from London, Francois and his team  have been building and painting sheds, and filling them with peculiar objects and transporting them from the rural snows of Metis to the metropolis of Toronto.  Five new Sheds appeared last week at the prestigious flower show, Canada Blooms in a conceptual garden entitled ‘How Green is Your Garden?  This is a hybrid of my garden for the Metis International Festival held in Quebec in the summer  each year and questions the so-called sustainability of domestic gardens.  The only plants are white tulips wrapped in paper with messages left by visitors to the garden in Metis – otherwist, visitors will have to make sense of charcoal, salt, blue tape, glass. 

The first few pictures show the garden to have been beautifully constructed and full of the stark simplicity I had hoped for.   We won an award for ‘Outstanding Creativity’ so this post goes with great thanks to all those who commissioned, promoted, built, photographed and assisted with the realisation of the garden in Toronto. 

Thanks also to Stephanie Calvet at Azure for her posting:


Seemingly dead, but pretending